WCW and fashion inspo, Joelle

When I was in high school, I got criticized because of my clothes. As much as I want to wear nice clothes, my insecurities has dominated my style. I’ve always been on the heavy side so I thought my clothing options are limited. Not to mention my financial stability– I was always broke too! Good thing I already get pass through that stage of my life. I’m still on the heavy side, but I don’t let it stop me. I love dressing up and I believe that my weight should not compromise my style. Sadly, I know that some women still have the mindset I had 12 years ago. The good news is, we can always work on our insecurities, all we need is a support group. With that being said, I’d like to introduce to you one of the girls I look up to who will teach us a thing or two about confidence and fashion. Let’s welcome this week’s WCW: Joelle.

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WCW: Strike a chord’s Shruti Tewari

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! This is the day for us to celebrate ourselves! It’s sad to know that most women live with insecurities and that’s the reason why I started The WCW Project. I want to encourage each one of you to work on your insecurities and focus on your strengths. So this week, I am joined with a very special lady who will talk about my favorite topic: SELF LOVE. I really enjoyed working on this collaboration because her happiness is truly contagious. So without any further ado, may I present to you this week’s WCW– Shruti Tewari

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WCW: Meet the lady boss

What does it take to be a Lady Boss? Well for me, A lady boss is someone who knows what she wants. Someone who is fierce and independent and can deal with everything life throws her. Gone are the days when women just go with the flow. Gone are the days when women depend on their happiness based on how likeable they are. A real woman recognizes her strengths, as well as her weaknesses, and use it in order to succeed. That’s why I felt so privileged to have met a woman who worked so hard to be the lady boss she is right now. So without any further ado, I would like to introduce our woman crush for this week—Sharon Duguid.
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WCW: Going natural with Gigi Naturelle


Hello everyone! It’s Wednesday again which means it’s time for us to get to know another WCW. First of, I’ve received so many positive feedback about our project and our first story so I would like to grab this opportunity to thank everyone who have read, liked and participated the WCW Project. For those who would like to participate and submit their story, feel free to contact me here.
Now back to regular programming 🙂

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