Exploring the island of Victoria, BC

This post is long overdue but still worth sharing! Last spring, I and my then boyfriend went to the island of Victoria in British Columbia for the Victoria Day long weekend. A lot of firsts happened on that trip. It was my first trip in Victoria and first out of town trip with my then boyfriend. The best part of the trip actually was when my boyfriend became my fiance. Yes, I am engaged now! Feels like a whirlwind, I know 🙂

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DIY Itinerary: 4D3N Toronto Trip for $1200

Travelling from Edmonton to Toronto was a solo trip I planned two months ago. The main reason was to watch my favourite band, CHVRCHES, perform live but then I ran out of tickets. Even if I haven’t watch the concert, I still don’t have any regrets of going to Toronto because it was an experience of a lifetime. I’m off to share the itinerary I made for my 4 days 3 nights stay in the city. I only spent $1200++ inclusive of airfare, accommodation and other expenses. My notes are messy lol so I would just make a table for this 🙂

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Solo travel diaries: Getting lost in the city

Third day– all plans got cancelled. Plan A: CHVRCHES concert. I ran out of tickets but the concert venue offered me 2 tickets worth 200 bucks. For me, it’s just not worth it. Plan B: Niagara Falls Tour. Alternative plan was to go there via commute but guess what? It rained hard! Now, I’m left with a whole day free time but I’ve got nothing to do. But since I don’t wanna waste my time, I decided to revise my itinerary. And of I went to Kensington Market, Little Portugal, Little Italy and Little China.

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Solo travel diaries: Art and Design District and Nuit Blanche

Last weekend, I got the chance to see the beautiful city of Toronto. The trip was very special to me because of so many things. First, this was a treat for myself lol. My friends know how tired I’ve been these past few weeks because of my messed up schedule at work and in school. So I guess, I just needed a breather. Also, this was my first solo trip. I was supposed to watch a concert of my favourite indie band but I ran out of tickets. Third, I visited a relative there and fourth, I just really wanna travel! Toronto is indeed far from Edmonton. Haha I get it but a four hour plane ride won’t hurt! #hugot

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Heritage Festival 2015

I love going to festivals! When I was still in the Philippines, I was fortunate to witness some of the biggest music festivals in the country (thanks to my friends). I’ve heard that Edmonton holds a lot of festivals too but I am also aware that it does not include raving and all the party stuff. Just this weekend—I had an opportunity to attend one of their renowned festivals with my family. The event is called the Heritage Festival, which I think, is a three-day gathering.

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Discovering Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum was the highlight of our Antipolo trip. The place is a 1.2 hectare museum owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang. The owner is a neurologist and the pieces found there are from his own personal collection. The museum will make you feel like you’ve been completely transported into a different world; a world of modern and contemporary art—a world that you would really love.

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