Gift ideas for the last minute shoppers

Just a week before Christmas and I know almost all of you are already done Christmas shopping. However, some are still completing their last minute gift list. Some haven’t even started yet. Well if you are one of them, don’t be in a panic mode yet! I’ve listed some last minute gift ideas for a stress free Christmas shopping.
1.  Treats for the sweet tooth

I know this is quite overrated but everyone loves sweets! A personalised tea party set from The Bread and Butter Basket Company is something your tea lover family or friends will love this winter season. This gift set includes a large cinnamon bread, four sugar cookies, four chocolate and vanilla swirl cookies, four ginger cookies, five truffles, two small milsean chocolates and three jars of tea with peppermint, fruit harmony and desjarlins flavours. This gift set only costs CAD$95 but will serve 14-16 people. It also comes with a medium basket which serves 10-12 people for CAD$70.


2. Skincare products for the beauty enthusiast

Our skin will be needing more love this winter season that’s why skincare products is an awesome gift idea. Your beauty enthusiast loved ones will be happy to have Graydon Skincare‘s organic products as they’re products are all made from plant powered ingredients. They have products for all kinds of skin types are pretty affordable too.


3. Gift cards for the fashionista

I know some are not comfortable on giving gift cards but this is the safest bet for someone who doesn’t have the time to shop. Besides, gift cards are a great idea because you are giving your loved one the freedom to choose what they really want. For your fashionista friends and family, a gift card from Forever 21, H &M, Urban Outfitters or other clothing brands will make their day.


4. Stationery printed crafts

For the hip, artsy and minimalist people in your lives, stationery printed craft from Justine Ma Design and Lettering is definitely your go to. They sell mugs, home accessories, toddler tees and onesies, cards, prints and stationeries perfect for every occasion. A treat for Justine Ma’s workshop is also an amazing idea especially if your loved one is into calligraphy and water brush lettering.


5. A DIY Advent calendar for the party animal

Booze lovers will be ecstatic to receive an advent calendar, that’s for sure. If you have the money to spend, advent calendars are pretty much available at all liquor stores by this point. But if you are taking easy on the budget, why not consider making your own DIY? Take advantage of the discounts and sales your local liquor store is offering. Making a holder or a container could be tricky but trust me, it will be worth it. Your loved ones will appreciate it more knowing that you made it with love ❤


If all else fails, just remember that the essence of Christmas is not about the gifts you give or the gifts you receive. It’s all about the presence of those who really matters to you. Enjoy the holiday season!

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